Quick Japanese Recipes

Curry Rice Kit

During the depths of despair of COVID lockdowns circa 2020-2021 in the hospitality industry – [...]

How to make – Okonomiyaki Kit (old shop version)

No joke but, I always joke that this dish was invented by drunk or stoned [...]

Cucumber Sesame Chicken Salad

A throw-it-together salad that suits everyone, anytime anywhere. Make whatever size you need & use [...]

Fluffy Japanese White Rice Techniques

Good rice to Japanese people is like good bread to us western folk & as [...]

Let’s Make Everyday Miso Soup… Everyday

Every morning when I walk up in Japan, I almost always have miso soup as [...]

Shogayaki don

The best Home-style Japanese food… FYI donburi means ‘on rice’ & usually this comes by [...]

Soba Noodle Salad

The few warm days left before the coldness sets in gets us craving a bowl [...]

Agedashi Tofu

Japanese food holds so many great vegetarian options & Agedashi Tofu might be an Olympic [...]

Foxy Moon Udon

An absolute favorite at Ajitoya, probably because it pleases 3 things; your eyes, your empty [...]

Karaage – Japanese Fried Chicken

Every country has its version of fried chicken, and that’s just great. But the Japanese [...]

How to Cook Frozen Pan Fried Gyoza

Making Gyoza from scratch is time consuming – albeit more delicious, throwing ready-made gyoza in [...]

About Us

Just a small group of Japanese Food lovers who continue to explore behind the scenes of Japanese Dishes. What’s in them? Which areas do they come from? And how are they so delicious? Like, what elevates Japanese Food  to be so distinct from every other cuisine on the planet?

Hopefully you’ll find out through our growing catalogue of Japanese Recipes

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If you’re at all interested in Japanese food beyond sushi, then Welcome to Japan’s Kitchen. With Japanese cuisine and dishes now hitting the mainstream there’s a lot of deliciousness to discover. We ran shops here in Melbourne for 10 years and collected, created and hacked a lot of Japanese Recipes. Our aim is to share our recipes and experiences so we can all eat and feel better. Many customers over the years who travelled to Japan would always perch up on the bar and want to talk about Japanese Food, and many questions were similar: What dishes are best when we’re cooking for 2 of us? Which Japanese Dishes work best for 6 of us on a Saturday night? What about quick Japanese snacks? Are there any 3 ingredient Japanese recipes? What is Japanese Comfort Food? What Japanese Camping Dishes are there? Some even went deeper during their visit trying some of the most beautiful Japanese Healing Dishes that are said to cure a wide range of specific ailments. In this website we’ll attempt to chronicle and publish everything we know and continue to learn about Japanese Cuisine. We hope you enjoy.