Having returned from 3 years living in Osaka, Japan & moving to Yarraville January 2007, we spent 4 years hearing how the people of the West had no access to Japanese essential ingredients, basic dishes or Japanese liquor. After much deliberation we opened Ajitoya Japan’s Kitchen in Charles Street, Seddon October 2011. Ajitoya quickly became a popular spot to slurp udon, smash a donburi or pickup some quick hand-rolled sushi with one of 45+ Japanese Craft Beers. Ajitoya started with 3 small dry bar tables & grew to seat 50 pax over 4 sections through to a rear courtyard. Many fans & supporters of Ajitoya expressed their sadness at the closing of the shop in June 2018, so we created a small selection of how-to videos along with some recipes of our most popular dishes.


Ajitoya extends its food & product via its new bar / restaurant offering AZABU JUBAN in Yarraville. Setting up in the same space that held Fidama since 1997. This new shop opened August 2016 offering 40 Japanese Whisky’s, 30 Japanese cocktails & an Izakaya style food menu from Chef Yuko san, AZABU JUBAN quickly becomes the place to book a night out with friends, hold functions & events or a place to perch on the bar & sample the night away. Not many people know this but AZABU JUBAN prepped & made most of Ajitoya’s dishes to help with the load in the small kitchen.


Sunday March 23, 2020 was the last time we had sit in customers in AZABU JUBAN after given orders to close the shop due to the virus pandemic spreading across the world. We loose the beautiful business we had built over all these years, loose wonderful & beautiful staff we had trained & skilled up. We worked with the team we had left to pull together dishes from Ajitoya with dishes from AZABU JUBAN & create a menu that would travel better via pickup or delivery for our customers stuck at home. We ripped out the seats in the front & replaced the space with shelving to house essential ingredients & our edited liqour list that made up our bottle shop.


A new business was born out of this… Japan’s Kitchen.
We created a new website to help customers order online for pickup or delivery. Easy access to food & products. No contact payment with no contact delivery. And now that you’re all caught up… order takeaway here, order sushi here, or make a booking request here.