Japan’s Kitchen
34 Ballarat Street, Yarraville
Melbourne Victoria Australia 3013

Bar Japon Tuesday to Saturday 5pm to 10pm
Sushi-Sometimes Friday & Saturday 11am to 4pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read before sending us a message.

What are the delivery charges?

$0 – $ 19 = $15
$20 – $59 = $12
$60 – $99 = $10
$100 – $149 = $8
$150+ = No charge

Why can't I choose delivery?
  1. Either we don’t deliver to your suburb, or
  2. We can only deliver when we have a driver & unfortunately that’s not everyday
What suburbs do you deliver to?

Within 5km’s of our shop = Yarraville / Spotswood / Newport / Kingsville / West Footscray / Footscray. Alternatively you can still pickup.

How long will a pickup / delivery take?

We aim for the earliest time in your chosen range. So if you chose 6.00 to 6.30, we’d aim for 6.00 – BUT this depends on order volume. You should receive a text message with a tighter time.

How secure is ordering Online?

Very secure. We don’t handle the card transaction nor do we keep & store your card information. This process is handled by secure checkout using the stripe payment gateway specifically for online & mobile transactions.

What exactly happens after ordering?

After you order you will be sent an email & an sms if you chose that box. We’ll check your order, process it & put it into the kitchen to be made close to the time you chose.

I have a food allergy, what should I do?

You should let us know before you come in, for takeaway or sit in. Restaurants spend a lot of time prepping their dishes for service so it’s difficult to change a whole menu on the spot.

Do you take bookings?

Yes & we prefer it so we can plan. You can make a booking request via the Bar Japon page… just check the menu so you know what you’re signing up for.

Do you hold functions & events?

We used to hold functions but not really anymore. After 2020 we don’t really have the staff to help run functions.

Can I order sushi during the week?

Not at this stage. Our sushi chef comes twice a week, every Friday & Saturday 11am to 4pm so you should pre-order because she makes it the same day so it’s super fresh.

Did you change the name?

Yes. The shop used to be called AZABU JUBAN & was a Japanese bar/restaurant 6 nights a week.
Learn more here

Why did you change the name?

These days we’re more than just a bar and due to the lockdowns we had no choice but to provide more options to stay afloat, like:

It makes good sense to evolve & adapt than to stay the same.

Contact us

Being a small team, we are unable to keep up with all of the contacts we receive through the website, sometimes it can take time for us to get back to every contact.

To make a booking, go here.

If you just can’t wait, please leave a message.

(03) 9048 4190