Join us & discover a love for Sake with traditional Japanese fermented foods.

For 10 years, our chefs & friends have talked behind the the scenes about taking some time to make a more traditional fermented food & Sake menu to share with you.

The project plan is to help introduce how to drink sake & what to eat with sake, matching traditional foods with traditional drinks.

Behind this, are all the facts & information on the many health benefits of traditional Japanese fermented foods.


Hakko means fermentation
in Japanese

Many traditional Japanese foods are made by fermentation like, miso, natto, soy sauce, tsukemono and Japanese Sake.

Hakko is getting a lot of attention these days as the microbacteria in Japanese foods helps keep our digestion healthy & our bodies in good balance all while still being able to enjoy food & drinks.


Sake is rice & water that is fermented into alcohol.

Rice is milled back to varying degrees to expose the starchy core before it is ready to be converted by the koji or yeast into fermentable sugar which is then matured in the one process and then filtered for clarity.
Common misconception: Sake is ‘rice wine’ which is not really correct, sake making is more similar to beer making. It gets this label probably because you sip it like wine, it’s alcohol by volume is similar to wine & under Japanese law, sake is labeled with the word ‘seishu’ 清酒; ‘clear wine’.


Koji is used as a raw material for mirin, miso, soy sauce, and sake & many more products.

Koji, a traditional Japanese fermented food that is essential for fermentation, is made by inoculating and breeding a mould called “Koji-kin” on grains such as steamed rice, wheat and soy, and its roots date back to the 9th century. It has supported Japanese food culture since ancient times.

Bar Menu

Sake Bar & Fermented Food

Notes for your planning:

  • This is not an à la carte menu, it is more of a sharing menu that suits 1 – 3 ppl
  • It is a small bar-style menu meant to be enjoyed with sake – not soft drinks 
  • Please read the menu & make sure it suits your dietary needs
  • This bar menu is not suited for kids or big groups
  • ** No wine & no cocktails **

Tasting Plates

with matching 3 kinds sake add     25

Tsukemono Pickles plate  [ Pb | GF ]    15

4 kinds of Sashimi / fish plate [ GF ]     22 for 1   |   39 for 2

Cheese 3 kinds [ VEG | GF ]     30


Dashi Edamame [ Pb | GF ]     8

Pork and eggplant pate`     13

Oysters (3pc)~ [ GF ]   Classic  /  Japon  /  Oriental     12 

Saikyo Miso Fish [ GF ]      23

Miso Kouji onigiri 2pc [ Pb ]    12

[  GF  Gluten Free  |  VEG  Vegetarian  |  Pb  Plant Based  ]

Drinks Menu

Sake Bar & Fermented Food



Sake tasting paddle 3 kinds of sake for 22 or 30

Today’s pouring sake:

  • Glass sake 90ml $10~
  • Carafe 250ml $27~

Any sake bottles from the retail fridge. Corkage applies, take away with you if not finished

Umeshu/ Yuzushu

Choya     9
Kokuto      11
Kinmon plum with sake     12
Tsuruume Nigori     12
Furu Tsuruume 10YO     14
Yuzu Sake     13


Kirin Ichiban Shibori     10
Yebisu Premium Malts     10
Coedo Range    11~
Kawaba Range     12~